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When Networking goes SO RIGHT

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

What's up you guys! I'm totes new to this blogging gig so I'll just approach it as I would anything else, with an upfront genuine attitude and pretty much approaching what I'm going to say as if I'm speaking to my best friend directly.

Ok so here's how it all began. My fiancee and I move to Orlando June 1st,2021. Being a hairstylist for 12 years and Bridal Specialist for 10, all of those years having served in South East Florida, it was pretty risqué to leave my full on business behind and become bridal only in a new area. But hey! You have to try !

My first month in central Florida was unpacking and getting used to my new home by come July I was ready to play with some hair! Thanks to ALL social networks, the one common denomenator piece of advice I got from "Successful Social Accounts" is to be EXACTLY that! SOCIAL. Reach out to people! They'll never know you exist if you dont step forward!

So I did exactly that. I used hashtags on Instagram and found Orlando Wedding Planners. Of the 10 I reached out to, ONE RESPONDED! Hallelujah! Amanda from @Fortheloveofeventsfl, who by the way is a dream to work with, not only was excited to see a new vendor in her vicinity, but she invited me to a styled shoot that was happening in like two weeks! Hands down I screamed, "Yasss!!"

So this shoot was at White Rock Canyon, YOU GUYS. I felt like I was in a different state! This location/property was insanely beautiful. Since a makeup Artist was needed I reached out to my friend and makeup artist, Alysha Desiree and she tagged along to beautify the stunning model and married couple Maddie & Ryan.

For anyone who doesnt understand styled shoots, we pretty much plan and execute a full on wedding, for the photos.LOL. In the midst of all of this also comes networking with vendors and I couldn't have asked for the coolest and most talented group of vendors. I'll list them below!

First and foremost we have the insanely amazing and talented photographer, Leyah of Leyre Photography, who's eye for her art honestly took my breath away.

Next we have, Javier of Sundial Creatives , who took equally breathtaking video footage of the entire shoot experience.

Thanks to Erica of Solutions Bridal,we were able to dress Maddie in a stunning gown and dress her hair with the perfect Boho accessories known to bridal.

Next we have the super creative and talented Kathy of Hippie Teepee Picnic who curated this amazing TeePee space to show that picnics are totally wedding material!

Raise your hands if you're a sucker for insanely gorgeous florals! Well we got you covered! The Patinaed Fleur not only had us covered but WOW, she knocked our socks off! I mean, my wedding is 2/22/22 girl How far and how long can a bouquet travel in a car! :)

Then we have the talented team of Sigrid Savoury Platters who showed us that hors d' oeuvres dont have to be bruschetta or pigs in a blanket. They can be stepped up and presented way more beautifully!

Next up is Elizabeth from The Sona Studio who created the perfect invitations + place cards. The aesthetic that she has with the colors and font. I mean this shoot was practically made for some "Pinterest-ing". ☺️

Getting creatives together is more than just "doing your job." Its literal collaboration. Someone has a vision and as artists we combine to make that vision come to life. Even the fine details like chairs! Hello! Where will everyon sit! Thanks to Connie of CD Linen &Kara of Traditions Rentals for not only providing the necessary chairs, tables, dinnerware etc but for also having the appropriate aesthetic that went with the vibe of this Boho glam shoot.

What I Enjoyed the most was the fact that a building filled with vendors... artists, we not only came together to make this happen. WE HAD A DAMN GOOD TIME DOING IT! Honestly everyone clicked so well, we got along, we enjoyed each others company for the short time we spent together to make this beauty happen.

Oh my word how dare I forget this cake!? 🤦🏻‍♀️ I mean its so beautiful I low-key would walk down the aisle holding that cake! Daisy Delights Events🤩😂 The detail the color everything about it couldn't have been put together better! Thanks to my gluten intolerance I can't do cake, but if I didn't have that in the way I would have zero shame to have asked for a bite after the shoot.

Thank you forever to these amazing vendors for making an artists dream to show her art of in a tasteful and beautiful way come true! Linking their instagrams below! If you're getting married in central Florida check these guys out!

Photographer: @leyrephotography

Videography: @sundial.creatives


Planner: @fortheloveofeventsfl

Linen: @cdlinen

Chairs: @traditions_rentals

Charcuterie: @sigrid.savoury.platters

Invitations + Menus: @thesonastudio

Gown: @solutionsbridal

Floral: @thepatinaedfluer

Cake: @daisydelights_events

Picnic Setup: @hippieteepeepicnic

Venue: @whiterockcanyon

Happy Wedding Planning :)

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