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BRITTANY & CHRIS Happily Wed at Ever After

I've known Brittany since she began to work at Pyure Salon in Wellington, GOSH, I can't even recall how long ago that was! I ventured off to be a solo-prenuer and through my transition, Brittany and I stayed connected.

She finally got engaged to her amazing man Chris, and ontop of the emotions of joy for my friend, I was SO HONORED and excited when she chose me to be her bridal hairstylist.

"Why are you surprised,Fio?" --Listen with the HUNDREDS of stylists in her vicinity alone, and working at a salon with talented stylists, I was so so grateful that she chose me to be apart of her day. As you guys can see she was nicknamed big red by her friends because of her firey red locks 😍

December 6,2019 began in New Smyrna with my partner in beauty, makeup artist and great friend Emily Rivera. We were greeted with the lively group of ladies that were chosen to be by her side on her wedding day. I mean, YOU GUYS, their lively energy made up for the lack of coffee at the moment. (We're talking 6am) What made this experience that much more amazing was the Best Western in New Smyrna beach, is LITERALLY ON THE BEACH. The views were AMAZING. What is even more awesome is these ladies had some hair to play with! My gosh I couldn't have asked for a better squad of ladies with such abundance of hair.

In my experience of being a bridal hairstylist, I've encoutered many mommas. Some who get their hair done with their stylist of many years, and others who bring the photo of what they want their hair to look EXACTLY LIKE. Not this momma. 🤩 She had suggestions of what she didnt like and trusted my expertise to execute something appropriate for her. I mean, C'Mon ya'll, ain't she a stunner?!

Then it finally came time to work on Britt. She knew she neeeded extentions to execute exactly what it is she wanted and when we opened the extensions they were red for sure, but not exactly the red that was on her hair. We gave it a chance. As I sweat my eyebrows off I gained more excitement as the hairstyle was happening before my eyes. it was AMAZING. This specific style, (which I call a mermaid tail) not many brides are open to something so different. But she put all her trust in my hands and became not only a bride I was meant to serve but someone I show off when someone wants style ideas. 🤩

Moral of this story, regardless of who asks you to serve them. Just be grateful that of ALL OF THE ARTISTS they could have chosen. They asked you first. ❤️ Cheers to Brittany and Chris. This blog post is almost two years too late, but she'll always be a favorite :)

Looking for a stunning venue? Or amazing wedding ohotographer? Or insanely talented makeup artist? Hit these guys up below:

Venue: Ever After Farms

Photographer: Maggie Alvarez -> ig @MaggieAlvarezPhotography

Makeup: Emily Rivera ---> Instagram @emilyrivera_artistry

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